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History of Czech Graphic Design


Sobeslav Hippolyt Pinkas (1827 – 1901): Montmartre,1856, National Art Gallery in Prague
The Czech painter, graphic designer and journalist S. H. Pinkas was actively involved in the cultural and political life including, inter alia, the radical student movement in 1848. He studied at the Academy in Prague and Munich and with Coutur in Paris where he lived for several years. Under the influence of the Barbizon school he chose motifs from everyday life. Later on, under the influence of Courbet and Millet, he put more emphasis on realism. On his return to Prague he painted mainly family motifs and portraits. He was an active member of the artists’ association Umelecká beseda and other public associations, maintained relationships with France and in 1898 was granted the order of the Legion of Honour. He also continued his work as a caricaturist and political cartoonist, designed utility things, e.g. faience plates. The painting “Montmartre”, whose engraved version is featured on the postage stamp, dates back to his stay in Paris.

Source: Czech Post


Poster art has its development origins in Paris, after the creation of the three-color lithograph process approximately in 1850. Poster art includes in fact lightweight quality of the designs. Poster art has something to do with fact in order to promote effective service for the people. The designer has to associate it with some widely comprehensible sight. But their fun and ease of comprehension should not allow the posters to discarding down of recent times.

Source: India Crafts


Cover design for zijeme by Ladislav Sutnar 1931, one of the great graphic design pioneers of the twentieth century. All contemporary designers should be familiar with his work.

More of the photomontage in graphic design.

Source: flickr

Ladislav Sutnar’s graphic design for the Czech publication zijeme (For Life: An Illustrated Magazine of Modern Times) was an approach to design that was stunning in its contemporary use of the photomontage 1931.

Source: flickr

Another Ladislav Sutnar’s graphic design for the Czech publication zijeme.

Source: flickr


O bydleni (About Living) cover designed by Ladislav Sutnar 1932. I remember when I was first introduced to Sutnar’s work through this cover design in 1950. It was stunning then as it is today.

Source: flickr

Note: Komentar dari kolektor (Marryellen, pengajar desain grafis) – yang terkadang tercantum pada deskripsi masing-masing karya – sengaja tidak dihapus, karena bisa merupakan informasi yang berguna untuk melakukan penelitian yang lebih mendalam.


To be continued.

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