Desain Grafis Indonesia

Desain Grafis Indonesia

Fostering understanding among Indonesian graphic designers and its juncture in art, design, culture and society

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ADGI (Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia)

ADGI adalah sebuah asosiasi yang mewadahi desainer grafis profesional di Indonesia.



FDGI (Forum Desain Grafis Indonesia)

FDGI merupakan sebuah forum terbuka untuk semua orang (tidak harus desainer grafis) yang merasa bertanggung jawab dan peduli terhadap perkembangan peran desain grafis untuk kemajuan bangsa Indonesia. Tujuannya adalah untuk memberi dan mewadahi inspirasi untuk kemajuan desain grafis di Indonesia.



FGD (Forum Grafika Digital)

FGD merupakan forum yang fokus pada perkembangan dunia grafika di Indonesia. Setiap 2 tahun sekali, FGD menyelenggarakan FGD Expo –sebuah acara pameran dan bazaar yang menghadirkan berbagai elemen yang berhubungan dengan industri percetakan, publikasi, kemasan, dan promosi.



Komunitas Kreatif Bali / Bali Creative Community

Komunitas Kreatif Bali adalah penyelenggara Bali Creative Festival yang bertujuan agar kreativitas menjadi nilai lestari melalui penciptaan wahana pembelajaran, jaringan dan dialog, serta memupuk minat dan bakat.





ADA (Australian Design Alliance)
The Australian Design Alliance is a new strategic partnership of Australia’s peak design bodies across a range of disciplines, including design, architecture, urban planning and the arts.



AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

AIGA is a global community of design advocates and practitioners.



AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association)

AGDA is the national organisation for professional graphic designers. It was founded in 1988 to facilitate the advancement of the graphic design profession in Australia. AGDA is a Professional Member of Icograda.



AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale)

AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) was founded in 1951 by a small, select group of French and Swiss graphic designers with the aim of promoting graphic design. Since then AGI has grown into an elite club of over 500 designers from more than thirty countries, including names like Charles and Ray Eames, Saul Bass and Paul Rand. Together the members of AGI have written a significant part of the history of graphic design since the mid-twentieth century.



BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation)

BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its global headquarters are located in London and its main responsibility is to provide public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.



D&AD (Design & Art Direction)

Design and Art Direction (D&AD, formerly known as British Design & Art Direction) is a British educational charity which exists to promote excellence in design and advertising.



ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Association)

Icograda is the world body for professional communication design. Founded in 1963, it is a voluntary network of organisations concerned with graphic design, visual communication, design management, promotion, education, research and journalism. Icograda promotes design’s vital role in society and commerce and unifies the voices of communication designers worldwide. Our vision, mission and core values are collectively embodied in the statement “leading creatively” and manifested through members’ diverse activities to use design as a medium for progressive change.




INDIGO, the International Indigenous Design Network, is an open platform that connects designers worldwide in an effort to explore our understanding of indigenous design. It provides an online forum for sharing ideas and information, fostering discourse among participants, and contributing to the furtherance of indigenous and local design.



RGD Ontario (Registered Graphic Designer Ontario)

RGD Ontario was created by an Act (Bill Pr56) of the Ontario Legislature in 1996 to grant graphic designers who qualify the right to use the designation Registered Graphic Designer (R.G.D.). RGD Ontario is the only graphic design association in North America to have this kind of legislation. The R.G.D. and Registered Graphic Designer designations are signals of quality and competence to the profession, the public and the government.



SEGD (the Society for Environmental Graphic Design)

Founded in 1973, SEGD (the Society for Environmental Graphic Design) is the global community of people working at the intersection of communication design and the built environment. Through educational programs, research, and publications, SEGD’s mission is to provide learning opportunities and resources for professionals involved in EGD, promote the importance of the discipline in establishing place, and continue to refine standards of practice for the field.



TDC (Type Directors Club)

The Type Directors Club is the leading international organization whose purpose is to support excellence in typography, both in print and on screen.




TED is an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. Attendees have called it “the ultimate brain spa” and “a four-day journey into the future.” The diverse audience – CEOs, scientists, creatives, philanthropists – is almost as extraordinary as the speakers, who have included Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Paul Simon, Sir Richard Branson, Philippe Starck and Bono. x=independently organized event.



The Living Principles

The Living Principles for Design aim to guide purposeful action, celebrating and popularizing the efforts of those who use design thinking to create positive cultural change. This is the place where we co-create, share and showcase best practices, tools, stories and ideas for sustainable design across all disciplines. Help us move the conversation, the industry and the world.

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  1. Jakarta, 5 Agustus 2015

    Kepada : Desain Grafis Indonesia
    Hal : Undangan Kontes Pembuatan Poster Film

    Dengan hormat,
    Sehubungan dengan pembuatan film layar layar lebar yang berjudul “8 Hari Menaklukan Cowo” (8HMC), kami sebagai rumah produksi Digital Film Media bermaksud untuk mengadakan lomba “Kontes Membuat Poster Film 8HMC”. Dalam hal ini, kami mengajak seluruh rekan-rekan Desain Grafis Indonesia untuk berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini.
    Bersama dengan surat ini, kami mengharap balasan konfirmasi agar kami dapat menyertakan poster lomba tersebut. Adapun tujuan dari penyertaan poster adalah agar rekan-rekan Desain Grafis Indonesia dapat mengetahui informasi acara serta dapat berpartisipasi pada lomba yang kami selenggarakan.
    Demikian permohonan ini kami sampaikan. Berikut kami sertakan poster lomba yang kami selenggarakan. Besar harapan kami, rekan-rekan Desain Grafis Indonesia dapat berpartisipasi dan mewakili komunitasnya dalam rangkaian acara yang kami selenggarakan.
    Terimakasih atas perhatian rekan-rekan sekalian.

    Hormat kami,

    Iyusnika Anela
    Sekretaris Direksi
    Digital Film Media Production House
    Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam II Nomor 3
    Jakarta Selatan

    Email :
    Mobile : +62821 1431 4251 / +62812 9066 8024

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