Desain Grafis Indonesia

Desain Grafis Indonesia

Fostering understanding among Indonesian graphic designers and its juncture in art, design, culture and society

Karya Desainer Sandy Karman Dipublikasikan di GraphicHug™

Publikasi DGI (Desain Grafis Indonesia) adalah publikasi interaktif pertama yang memperkenalkan Desainer Sandy Karman kepada publik Indonesia dan Internasional. Namun tak terduga, karya-karya luar biasa Sandy Karman ditangkap oleh publikasi internasional GraphicHug™ melalui situs DGI. Ini adalah suatu kebanggaan tersendiri bahwa Desainer Grafis Indonesia sudah banyak yang diakui oleh dunia internasional!

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About Graphic Hug
There’s nothing like a good hug. It is quite possibly, the most versatile gesture. Ever. If you feel the need to argue this, then you good sir or good madame, perhaps you are in need of a hug. Let’s break it down for a moment or two. There’s the hullo hug, the lifetime achievement hug, the thug embrace, the old people’s wrap, the enemy pincher, the OMG You’re Alive! hug, the chest pound, the airport squeeze, the uncle vice, the I-can’t-remember-your-name-but-it’s-nice-to-see-you-too hug, lover’s clamshell, the drunk ‘love-ya-bro’ hug, and the almighty bear hug. We believe the list can go on. And it will go on. As the hug it seems has been and always will be, a barrel of great fun. A fashionable commodity with no sense of fashion to it. Classic, if you will. The Tuck Everlasting of goodness. And that ladies and gentlemen, in much less than a nutshell, is perhaps at the essence of what we’re all about here at GraphicHug™. Good stuff.

We love graphic design.
We love to hug.
We love to hug graphic design.

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Yuliya Gorlovetsky, New York, Usa.


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