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Dia.lo.gue Artspace Brand Identity


Dia.lo.gue is a common artspace that is open to the public. Our intent is to provide a space where a genuine creative dialogue can start to happen between artists, designers and the general public. This ethos is reflected in our name, which translates in local Betawi language as ‘He/She – You – Me’, and in our logogram, which can be interpreted as individuals of many different characters, ages and personalities.

As a public artspace, dia.lo.gue is open to types of art and design. We embrace all forms of media, an approach that purposely reflects the blurring lines between art, design and life — a dialogue that takes place everyday in our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not.

One may well ask, what is value of such a space? For one thing, art and design are inextricably linked with the way humans express themselves. It is part of everyday life, living and breathing a profoundly human truth. Meanwhile, the creative industry in Indonesia is riding a wave of forward momentum. Design is one of the most popular subjects of study. However, the general public’s appreciation of creative industry products as art is still limited. By showcasing interesting ideas and creations in the field, Dia.lo.gue hopes to raise the profile and consciousness of art and design within society at large, as well as stimulating new works. At the end of the day, good art and design enriches life immeasurably through its truth, bettering the world and expanding our understanding of it.

In closing, reflecting our philosophy that art and design should be an integral part of life, we invite you to come and use Dia.lo.gue’s artspace as a place to hang out, browse, chat, dialogue with others in the industry, learn, or simply find inspiration in the rotating exhibits. Ours is the space; but the content and the spirit that it honors must be yours.

Invitation design




Male and female sign


The artspace (1)

The artspace (2)

The artspace (3)

The artspace (4)

Greeting tree

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  1. This looks so great. I love the logo, very organic and personal. I can’t wait to see the space in person. Congrats to Pak Hermawan!

  2. satu kata! awesome!!!!

    really2 awesome, creative idea indeed!!!!!…
    from the dialog = dialogue = dia.lo.gue.

    awesome transform


  3. Nice … ^_^

  4. I saw this logo somewhere in someone’s facebook page, this logo captivated me, its originality, cultural value, distinctive approach, and typical Leboye’s work is totally new and brilliant. It contains the ironic fact of how art and design scenes in Indonesia act and behave, the name DIA LO GUE, for me, signifies the irony and contains invitations for artists, designers, creative people, to come, to talk, to share.

    It’s a perfectly suitable logomark for a brand of an artspace :)

  5. stunning! Dia.lo.gue artspace love it love it. thousand thumb for all brand in there. especially for Dia.lo.gue necklace i want it so bad 😀
    the best for all art work or local/international brand. keep up the good works Dia.lo.gue

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